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About Us

The objects of the Hillsborough Society of Optometry are:

  • To advance, improve and enhance the vision care of the public
  • To unite optometrists; to encourage and assist in the improvement of the art and science of optometry
  • To elevate unceasingly the standards and ethics of the profession of optometry
  • To protect and defend the inalienable right of every person the freedom of choice of practitioner
  • To restrict the practice of optometry and any part of it to those who have been trained, qualified, and licensed to practice the profession;
  • For benevolent purposes
  • To maintain an active affiliation with the American Optometric Association, Inc. and the Florida Optometric Association, Inc. 

HSO Officers:


President: Chung To, OD, FAAO

Vice President: Richard Weisenberger, OD

Secretary/Treasurer: Megan Hueske, OD

Board Members: Melissa Zaleski, OD

                               Samuel Petro, OD

Trustees: Glen Sudburry, OD

                 John Mertzluft, OD             


If you have interest in joining HSO, please do not hesitate to approach one of the current officers. We are always looking for new, interested leaders.